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Our partners

Through our many years of experience in industrial plant construction, we have managed to build up intensive and sustainable partnerships and business relationships and thus expand our expertise in the methanol sector.

Our partners include the most experienced and largest plant constructors, chemical groups and electrolyser manufacturers. 

Our partner in the individual process steps

basf AG 

BASF is our partner in the catalyst field. Together with BASF, we have developed the catalyst for methanol synthesis. 


Due to our exclusivity with BASF, it is only possible for us to use, supply and distribute this catalyst.  



mAN Energy Solutions ag 

Our cooperation with MAN Energy Solutions consists of Flexmethanol skids and to distribute and supply them worldwide.

Sulzer Ltd 

The cooperation with our partner, Sulzer AG, includes in particular the two-column distillation to distil the raw methanol to 99.85 pure methanol.


Green Hydrogen Systems

Our cooperation with Green Hydrogen Systems includes the technological integration of the FlexMethanol modules from bse Methanol with the electrolysers from Green Hydrogen Systems, as well as a joint market presence. 

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