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Our mission as bse:

Our mission is to support our customers along the value chain and to provide both decentralized production capacities as well as centralized marketing up to application of technologies for methanol consumption.

In addition, it is our goal to implement the ideas and concepts of our clients and their customers. Creating space for creativity at the decisive moment and breaking through old thought patterns are the foundations for working on forward-looking topics in the field of synthetic and climate-friendly fuels, such as e-fuels..

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Our value chain methodology enables us to meet the needs of customers and stakeholders, helping to create a new industry.

By tapping into deep value creation along the entire product chain and understanding that the challenge can only be met by working together to involve the various players, we achieve success in partnership for each individual player as well as for the entire methanol family.

Our experienced and interdisciplinary team develops individual projects from project idea to project implementation and also in operation of the plant with the approach of decentralized production in a centralized market environment of accepted e-fuels, feedstocks for e-fuels and e-chemicals as e-methanol.


In the first phase of project development, bse Methanol carries out the normative classification as the basis of the process-economic validation to secure the investment intention. The next step is the engineering of the overall project for "balance of plant". bse Methanol can act as an EPC(M) partner.


bse Construction supplies the methanol synthesis modules as prefabricated FlexMethanol®10 and FlexMethanol® 20 skids. These skids are standardized modules and are prefabricated in the workshop of our partners. After workshop acceptance test they are shipped out worldwide, ready for plug and play installation on site. This reduces the construction time and the specific investment costs of methanol plants. The catalyst is filled batchwise onsite, thus ensuring a short commissioning phase and no needed downtime of the total plant in the operation phase.


To secure the purchase of our e-fuels: methanol, we will integrate the plants we support into a central marketing regime of methanol with the respective individual capacity at the request of the customer. Thus, the necessary total capacity for a secured and optimized marketing is guaranteed.

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