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Methanol marketing

Under bse's marketing activities, we support our customers not only in the application of our technology and the FlexMethanol® skids, but also in the marketing of the methanol.

We are targeting best-value markets in Europe in complience with the exisiting trade mechanism.

Methanol is applicable in the road, rail, marine and aviation transport sectors. Different measures for the implementation of sustainably produced e-methanol have been established in the 27 European Member States.

Our strategy here is to identify the most interesting markets in the most interesting regions and to make the e-fuels generated in our plants available to these markets.

Likewise, we strive with our partners to provide electricity market-led operational management as a service for our customer plants.

Existing fossil-based methanol plants have a capacity of 1 million tonnes per annum up to 5.5 million tonnes per annum.

Since the individual capacity of the power-to-methanol plants is between 8,000 tonnes per year (10 MWel, 8000 VBH) and 400,000 tonnes per year, we see the need for decentralised production to be marketed centrally.

Here we work together with renowned partners for the development of a trade floor.

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