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10 & 20 MW modules

FlexMethanol® means economic efficiency at all times

Mankind has always dreamed of endless energy sources from air and water that also save the climate. Today, we can already use natural resources such as wind and solar energy to provide unlimited liquid energy from pure carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen (H2) via water electrolysis.

CO2 and electricity from renewable energy sources are as yet untapped resources. However, methanol (CH3OH) is a product that is already used as a fuel. A commodity market with premium prices has been established for its use. H2 is produced electrochemically when the electricity is cheap.

As a result, our FlexMethanol-Modules increase the value of the electricity at the generator by converting the electricity into a liquid form.

FlexMethanol enables the economic conversion of surplus electricity and   COfrom flue gas into a chemical energy store by means of modular and decentralised production units. The core of the plant is the catalyst for converting  to methanol without a cost-intensive water-gas shift reaction.

However, the full potential of the methanol economy will only be realised when the chemical recycling of natural and industrial sources of carbon dioxide into methanol and the derived products are largely converted so that their use is environmentally neutral and regenerative.

George A. Olah
Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1994
Preface, Beyond Oil and Gas: The Methanol Economy (ISBN: 978-3-527-32422-4).

Our modular solution: FlexMethanol® 10 and 20 MW

3D model: FlexMethanol®

The advantages 

No water-gas shift reaction


Thus, no capital-intensive steam reforming is necessary

mild process conditions


Low pressure

No hydrogen compression storage


Lower investment costs



Short planning time, reduced erection and commissioning time.

Arbitrarily expandable

Flexible operation of the methanol plant


Generator and methanol plant can work together as a battery for the power grid, methanol plant as a flexible load, flexibility to sell electricity at favourable prices and times

No tars, no residues


Methanol synthesis works with pure gases without impurities

4 industrially available process steps


Reduction of technical and operational risks

Standardised interfaces


Plug and Play solution

High efficiency

available. Safe. Economical. 

With the support of Flexmethanol, the power-to-methanol process is much more efficient than through gasification.
Taking into account a combined heat and power process and the provision of district heating, the efficiency of methanol production is up to 74 %.



Power to methanol

significantly reduces CO2 emissions,
100 % RED compliant


Steam reforming

Natural gas to methanol

Uses fossil fuels, conversion
Generates CO emissions (up to 30 %)


Annex FlexMethanol

Fuel to methanol

significantly reduces CO2 emissions
(up to 20 %), proportionally RED compliant



Coal / biomass to methanol

Process causes CO2 emissions and toxic waste (tars)

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